Beavers Bend Brewery Moves North To Hochatown

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The Dallas/Ft. Worth craft beer scene has exploded throughout the past couple years. With so much going on within our major hub cities, it’s tough to see some of the growth and expansion of small breweries in lesser known cities. Compound that to a National level, and it’s fairly easy to miss how smaller breweries ebb and flow with the current craft beer market. On a recent trip to Hochatown, the growing city just north of Broken Bow, we learned a small local brewery, Beavers Bend Brewery, is relocating to a brand new brewery and taproom closer to the new hub of the Beavers Bend recreational area.

Beavers Bend Brewery started brewing just over two years ago in the city of Idabel, just south of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. As they have grown and the local economy of the Beavers Bend recreational area has moved more north, they have decided it was time to locate themselves closer to the bustling hub. This move gives them a chance to create a new spot for beer enthusiasts to sit, drink and smile deeply.

Placing themselves up the hill from Girls Gone Wine, they hope to pull in the ‘other half’ of the consumers that peruse the wares and wines at GGW. If you’re a wine consumer, there will be no hard feeling. They just want to offer those would prefer a nice cold, fresh beer a chance to consume said beer in a comfy chair with a view. The real question for the couples that do split their time between the two venues is “who meets who where?” The journey can only end in one location.

If you do need to leave the Brewery earlier than you’d prefer, you will be able to bring some of their liquid gold back to your cabin for later enjoyment. They will have growlers and bottles available for purchase to be consumed off-premises. And like Girls Gone Wine, they will have a room full of beer paraphernalia for visitors to pour over. Great time to pick up a witty craft beer shirt to wear while drinking your Beavers Bend beer later that evening.

Girls Gone Wine is just down the hill.

So we don’t leave you wondering, yes, Beavers Bend Brewery brews ‘Oklahoma beer’. BBB currently is a 4% and under brewery. If you read that as a negative connotation, you read it wrong. The State of Oklahoma has rules, these rules are changing, but it is a slow process. As the law adjusts to help grow the current craft beer market in Oklahoma, you’ll see BBB adjust their recipes and beer with it. For now though, their beer and business model is to help all beer enthusiasts enjoy their beer in as many ways as possible.

The BBB porch is coming together. Soon to be filled with happy consumers.

The new brewery and taproom will be opening soon. The tentative grand opening is mid-march. With spring break and summer right around the corner, your anticipation of sitting on the deck enjoying the view, with a Beavers Bend beer, should be greatly rising.

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  1. Excellent!!! We can’t wait to come back to that area to enjoy!! My husband, myself and two of our close friends await this!!

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